Manzo NOMURA (The Ninth) (野村万蔵 (9世))

Manzo NOMURA, the Ninth (December 23, 1965 - present) is a kyogen performer of the Izumi school. He is Yojuro NOMURA, the Second. He is 44 years old.

His real name is Ryosuke NOMURA. He was born as the second son of Man NOMURA (Manzo NOMURA [the Seventh]) in Tokyo Prefecture. In 2000, he succeeded to Yojuro, the Second by restoring Yozaemon NOMURA family, a branch family of the Manzo family, in 150 years. However, he succeeded to Manzo NOMURA, the Ninth, due to his older brother Manzo NOMURA's death in 2005. He is the general holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property. He is a member of the Nohgaku Performers' Association. He is an instructor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Obirin University, and Seinenza Theater Company. He is an honorary citizen of Tokyo.