Manzo NOMURA (The Seventh) (野村万蔵 (7世))

Manzo NOMURA, the Seventh (January 10, 1930 - present) is a kyogen performer of the Izumi school. His former name was Mannojo NOMURA, the Fourth. He currently uses his inkyomei (name after retirement) of Man NOMURA, the First.

His real name is Taro NOMURA. He was born as the eldest son of Manzo NOMURA (the Sixth) in Tokyo Prefecture.

He is the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). He is the president of Japan Council of Performers' Organizations. His children are the late Manzo NOMURA (the Eighth) (Mannojo NOMURA) and Manzo NOMURA (the Ninth) (Yojuro NOMURA, the second). His younger brothers are Mansaku NOMURA, Shiro NOMURA, and Mannosuke NOMURA.

After the war, he appeared on modern plays and avant-garde plays as well as kyogen with his brother Mansaku. Other than that, he appeared on TV drama such as 'Oshin' and 'Tobu ga Gotoku' (NHK Historical drama). On the other hand, he repeatedly performed at elementary schools and halls and largely contributed to spread kyogen to the public. He still plays on many stages and is dedicated to training the young. He started to use his inkyomei Man NOMURA in 2000. He was selected as Persons of Cultural Merit in 2008.