Matsuda Masachika (松田政近)

Masachika MATSUDA (year of birth unknown - July 12, 1582) was a warrior of the Sengoku period (period of warring states) and a vassal of the Akechi clan. He was also called Tarozaemon. He was from Yamashiro Province.

He was a Gozoku (local ruling family) in Yamashiro Province and became a vassal of Mitsuhide AKECHI. At the Battle of Yamazaki, Masachika took the lead as Akechi's spearhead convoy from the mountain side together with the force led by Yasuie NAMIKAWA. Since the left wing of the Hashiba force was lightly guarded, Masachika's force approached them in order to make a surprise attack on the forces led by Kiyohide NAKAGAWA and Ukon TAKAYAMA. However, the forces led by Hidenaga HASHIBA and Kanbei KURODA came to back up Nakayama and Takayama forces, and they fought severely and after offenses and defenses Masachika was killed.