Ichijo Masafusa (一条政房)

Masafusa ICHIJO (1443-November 29, 1469) was a Kugyo in the Muromachi period. His court rank was Junii rank (Junior Second Rank) and Gon Dainagon (Provisional Major Counselor). He was the eldest son of Norifusa ICHIJO.

He was given Henki (the character given from the name of the shogun, emperor, lord to the servant, or those who went through genpuku ceremony) from Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, who held the title of Shogun, and named himself Masafusa. He hid in Fukugon-ji Temple at Fukuhara, Settsu Province, related to the Emperor Godaigo when he escaped alone from the turmoil in Kyoto during the Onin no ran (Onin War). However, he was pierced in the heart by a soldier of the togun (eastern army) with a lance, but recited 'Namu seiho gokuraku sekai amidabutsu' (prayer in Buddhism, which means "I will offer my life to you, Buddha in paradise") without putting up any resistance and passed away on October 26, 1469. He had an elegant appearance at that time for he was still wearing onshozoku (costume, clothing) of noshi kariginu (ordinary Heian Courtier's robe an hunting robe).

His death was mourned by people, starting with his father, Norifusa ICHIJO, members of his clan, such as grandfather Kaneyoshi ICHIJO and uncle, as well as emperor, aristocrats, and shogun of togun and seigun (western army) who knew him. It was said that once the soldier, who killed Masafusa, discovered whom he killed, he underwent shukke (became a Buddhist priest) or committed suicide but this remains uncertain.