Inui Masahiro (乾正厚)

Masahiro INUI (乾 正厚, years of birth and death unknown) was a kinnoka (imperialist). He was a feudal retainer of the Tosa domain. He was adopted by Sahachi Masaharu INUI, the head of a branch family of the ITAGAKI family of which Taisuke ITAGAKI was the head. His childhood name was Kusuyata. His azana (adult male's nickname) was Ichirobei. In fact, he was the son of Hikoya Shigeyoshi MOTOYAMA who was a feudal retainer of the same domain. His karoku (hereditary stipend) was 28 koku (unit of volume corresponding to 180.39 liters of rice) and 8 to (unit of volume corresponding to 18 liters of rice). His wife was the older sister of Taminosuke Nobusada MYOJIN, a feudal retainer of the Tosa domain.


On January 7, 1831, because Masahiro's own uncle Masaharu INUI was sick and had no heir, Masaharu adopted Kusuyata MOTOYAMA (Masahiro's childhood name), the son of Hikoya Shigeyoshi MOTOYAMA (whose previous name was Umanosuke Shigeyoshi INUI), who was the younger brother of Masaharu and had been adopted by Ihei MOTOYAMA. On May 10, 1831, he was given seven koku of ten koku which was his adoptive father Masaharu's successive gonin fuchi (the equivalent of an annual five-man rice stipend) kippudaka (nominal amount), and he was appointed as a kyakushiki (social status) of shin-o-kosho (new attendant of a noble person).

After the Bunkyu Coup, on June 16, 1864, he was appointed as sho-metsuke-yaku (minor inspector of lower servants) to do official business belonging to the imperial army, and at the same time he was ordered to serve for Imperial Prince Asahiko with a fee of 50 silver coins. On August 18 of the same year, wishing to prevent the Choshu soldiers from entering the capital Kyoto, he discussed with a feudal retainer of the Satsuma domain Kosuke YOSHII and a feudal retainer of the Kurume domain Keisuke Otsuka, and then they petitioned Imperial Court with a written opinion which they signed jointly to require the determination (the Kinmon Incident). In July 1866, he was ordered to inspect Choshu (Nagato Province) and Boshu (Suo Province) and did a very good job as an inspector, but after a while he lost contact and became missing (probably he was killed), and Masashi INUI, the second son of Taisuke ITAGAKI, was selected as the inheritor of succeeding to the INUI family because he had no heir. His cremains have not been found till now, but his grave is at Ichinomiya Azouno, Kochi City.