Ando Masakatsu (安藤正勝)

Masakatsu ANDO (1843 - 1867) was a supporter of a noble cause who lived in the end of the Edo period. His common name was Kamaji. He was born as an ashigaru (common foot soldier) of the Tosa Domain in the village of Kuma.

Although his origin is unknown, he became one of the top loyal advocates in the Domain as a result of having contacts with many loyal supporters of the Emperor. After the Keio era began, he was ordered to work in the residence of the Tosa Domain in Kyoto and studied under Ryoma SAKAMOTO for a while. He came to be involved in national affairs. However, when the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) put up notice boards on Sanjo-ohashi Bridge to criticize the Choshu Domain (accusation of guilt), extremist supporters of a noble cause who opposed the accusation, including Masakatsu, decided to remove the notice boards with a total of seven persons including his superior warrior Sukegoro MIYAGAWA and his colleague Kichigoro FUJISAKI. When they took the action, they encountered soldiers of the Aizu Domain and fought them. Miyagawa was arrested, Fujisaki was killed, and Masakatsu, though injured, managed to arrive at the residence of the Tosa Domain alive but committed suicide to prevent the disturbance from spreading. It is also said that his wound was so deep that he asked to be finished. There are various theories as to the date of his death. He was later given Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank).