Mimurodo Masamitsu (三室戸和光)

Masamitsu MIMURODO (December 10, 1842 - 1922) was a Kugyo (high court noble)in the end of Edo Period. He was the eldest legitimate son of the 7th head of the Mimurodo family, Katamitsu MIMURODO, and in the Meiji Period he was conferred the title of viscount, was granted Junii (Junior Second Rank) and served as the chief priest of Ise-jingu Shrine. Harumitsu MIMURODO, a son of the 6th family head Takemitsu MIMURODO, who was supposed to be the heir, became the Guji (chief of those who serves shrine, controls festivals and general affairs) of Heian-jingu Shrine. In various places, there are stone monuments that conserve his lapidary calligraphy showing his brushstroke.

The Mimurodo family was considered to be a branch line of the Yanagihara family originated from the Hino Family, descendent from the Manatsu line, the Hokke (Hoku Family) of the Fujiwara clan, and at first the family used the name 'Kitakoji' but in 1665, at the request of the family, it was allowed to change the family name to 'Mimurodo.'
His name (和光) sometimes reads 'Kazumitsu,' but this reading is erroneous.