Uematsu Masanaga (植松雅永)

Masanaga UEMATSU (December 1, 1654 - January 8, 1708) was a Kugyo (the top court officials) from the early to the middle of the Edo period. He was an ancestor of the Uematsu family, which was a family of court nobles. He mainly served two Emperors, Emperor Reigen (112th) and Emperor Higashiyama (113th), and he advanced up to Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Sangi (councilor). His father was Arishige CHIGUSA. His mother was a daughter of Michisaki KOGA (Gon Chunagon [provisional vice-councilor of state]). He had Arikore CHIGUSA as his older brother. He had Masataka UEMATSU as his child.

In 1663, splitting from the Chigusa family, he established the Uematsu family and was conferred peerage. In 1667, he celebrated his coming-of-age ceremony and was conferred Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) jiju (a chamberlain). That was not an appointment as an honorary post, so he was given important duties placed near Emperor Reigen as a kinju (attendant). Since he also remained as kinju during the time of Emperor Higashiyama, who was known for not getting along with Retired Emperor Reigen, he seemed to be good at maneuvering. In 1694, he was conferred Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank). He was appointed Sangi in 1701.