Kitabatake Masasato (北畠政郷)

Masasato KITABATAKE (1449-1508) was a court noble in the middle of the Muromachi period. He was the fifth head of the Ise no kuni Kokushi (the governor of Ise Province), the Kitabatake family.
His former name was 'Masatomo.'
He was the child of Noritomo KITABATAKE.

He became the head of the Kitabatake family in 1471 after his father passed away. He became the Ise Northern Shugo (provincial constable), and continued the strugge against Gozoku (local ruling family) including the Naganokudo clan aiming for its greater force; he couldn't achieve great results. His children included Kichika KITABATAKE. His lineage originated several clans including the tamaru clan originated in his fourth son, Akiharu KITABATAKE.

He passed away in 1508.