Kusunoki Masatomo (楠木正具)

Masatomo KUSUNOKI (1516 - 1576) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the Sengoku period. He was a son of Masatada KUSUNOKI..

He was a vassal of Tomonori KITABATAKE. He was the lord of Hatta-jo Castle in Ise Province.

He fought hard against Nobunaga ODA who was making attempts to invade Ise Province. However later his lord Tomonori concluded peace with Nobunaga as the odds were against Tomonori.

Masatomo escaped Ise and went to Kennyo HONGANJI (priest of Hongan-ji Temple) for refuge, and again challenged Nobunaga for a battle. It is said that Hongan-ji Temple, highly valuing Masatomo's military prowess, appointed him as its military leader. After a long battle against army of Nobunaga, he finally died on the battlefield in Ishiyama War in 1576.