Kusunoki Masatoo (楠木正遠)

Masatoo KUSUNOKI (dates of birth and death unknown) was a local clan in Kawachi Province, and is said to be a family which would have made a fortune in mercury. He called himself a descendant of TACHIBANA no Toyasu (Iyotachibana clan) in Iyo Province.

He is said to be the father of Masatoshi KUSUNOKI, Masashige KUSUNOKI, Masasue KUSUNOKI and Masaie KUSUNOKI, etc. His daughter was married to Motonari HATTORI, the Kanze family in Iga Province, and is said to have become the mother of Kanami, however, there is no certain evidence about it, and it remains to be confirmed.

His father is said to be Morinaka (Ujinari) TACHIBANA, who would be the 10th Toyasu, however it is unknown because of no certain evidence. From the generation of Masatoo, they are said to have called themselves the Kusunoki clan formally.