Yamana Masatoyo (山名政豊)

Masatoyo YAMANA (shugo daimyo, Japanese provincial military governors that became Japanese feudal lords) during the late Muromachi Period. He was the successor of Sozen YAMANA, who is famous for the Onin War.


It is assumed that he was either the son of Noritoyo YAMANA or Sozen YAMANA and adopted son of Noritoyo (Noritoyo succeeded to Sozen and became the head of the family in 1450, but Noritoyo died in battle in September, 1467, so Sozen made a comeback as the family head).

In 1473, as Sozen passed away in the middle of the Onin War, Masatoyo made peace with Masamoto HOSOKAWA of the Eastern camp. Masatoyo attacked the Hatakeyama clan and the Ouchi clan as these did not accept the offer of making peace. After that, to suppress the rebellions by local lords that frequently occurred between 1479 and 1481, he left the capital and headed for his territory in San-in region.

Harima Province and Bizen Province had been the Yamana clan's territory since the Kakitsu War, but Masanori AKAMATSU began occupying the two provinces after the Onin War. In 1483, taking advantage of the infighting of the Akamatsu family, Masatoyo sent troops to Harima in order to seize back the territory. In the beginning his army scored a crushing victory at the Battle of Mayumi Pass, but then started to be on the back foot after 1485. In 1488, Masatoyo was defeated by Masanori (at the Battle of Sakamoto), losing his clout in Harima.

Masatoyo also accompanied Shogun Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA in Rokkaku Subjugation and performed well. However, when Yoshihisa died in the war, Masatoyo colluded with Yoshimi ASHIKAGA to back up Yoshitane ASHIKAGA to be a new shogun. Masatoyo joined Masamoto HOSOKAWA in the Meio Coup to expel Yoshiki, and backed up Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA to be a new shogun.

Although the Toshitoyo YAMANA was supposed to be Masatoyo's successor, Masatoyo doted on Okitoyo YAMANA in his later years. Consequently Masatoyo and Toshitoyo became opposed to each other in 1497. Then Masatoyo disinherited Toshitoyo and chose Okitoyo as his successor. Masatoyo passed away in 1499. He was 59 years old when he died. However, some claim that he passed away in January 1502.

He was the gay boyfriend of Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, and was given "Tsukumonasu (Chinese tea caddy)" from him as a sign of trust. He was so proud that he put it on his armor when he went to the war fronts. This is why "Tsukumonasu" has some scratches on.

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