Saito Masayoshi (斎藤正義)

Masayoshi SAITO (1516 - 1548) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived during the Sengoku period (Japan). He was an illegitimate child of Taneie KONOE. He was an adapted child of Dosan SAITO. He called himself Dainagon or Myoshun. He was the lord of the Mino Kaneyama-jo Castle (Mino Province) (the Kanayama-jo Castle).

It is said that he was an illegitimate child of Chancellor Taneie KONOE. Initially, he was an ascetic monk in Yokokawa Senjinin in Mt. Hiei; however, he moved to Mino Province to become a guest freeloader for Dosan SAITO because he preferred the military lifestyle over a monk's. Furthermore, he played an active role in the battle against the force of Yorizume TOKI, an enemy of Dosan; thus, he was chosen to be Dosan's adapted child and given the family name of Saito. However, Toshichika SAITO, a grandchild of Myochin SAITO, already called himself Dainagon (major counselor); therefore, it is thought that Masayoshi might have succeeded this Jizein family. He served in his first battle in 1532; moreover, following the instructions from Dosan, he built the Kaneyama-jo Castle (Mino Province) in 1537 in order to pressure the Tounou region and prepare for the invasion of Owari province. In February, 1548, he was invited into the Kukuri-jo Castle by its lord, Yorioki KUKURI, where he was assassinated; furthermore, the Uho-jo Castle was taken over by Akugoro. Time passed and Akugoro was assassinated by Masanori KAKIYA, a grandchild of Masayoshi in 1583.

There is a portrait of Masayoshi in his armor as a fearless warrior with the year of production, 1539 written on it, and it is kept in the Joon-ji Temple of the Jodo Sect called Masayoshi Kaiki.