Kobori Masayuki (小堀正行)

Masayuki KOBORI (March 18, 1620 - September 23, 1674) is the second lord of Kobori clan of Omi-Komuro Domain. He was the second son of Masakazu KOBORI (Enshu KOBORI) who was the first lord of the domain and a well-known artist. His mother was an adopted daughter of Takatora TODO. His lawful wife was a daughter of Masanaga TAKEBE, and the second wife was a daughter of Ujiyuki MORIKAWA. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Bicchu no kami (governor of Bicchu Province). His childhood name was Gagaku. Then he changed his name to Daizen. He was also called Masatoshi. His title was Sokei.

Brief Personal History

He was born in Fushimi in 1620. From the childhood, he learned the basics of the art of tea ceremony from his father, Masakazu. Having studied under Shojo SHOKADO, he was also known also as a noshoka (master of calligraphy). It is told that he was invited to the Imperial Court and wrote in the presence of Emperor Gomizunoo in 1628, at the age of nine. In 1647, he succeeded to his father after his father's death. He recorded the achievements of his father Masakazu as a master of the tea ceremony and established the foundation of the Enshu's Tea Ceremony. On September 23, 1674, he passed away from worsening of the tumor, which was his chronic disease, and his son, Masatsune KOBORI, succeeded to him. Posthumous Buddhist name: Kyounin. Graveyard: Kotoku-ji Temple, Sakuradai, Nerima Ward, Tokyo.