Makino Masayuki (マキノ正幸)

Masayuki MAKINO (1940 -) is a Japanese businessperson. He is the head of Okinawa Actors School Co., Ltd. He is the representative of Japan Surfball Association. He is the owner of Dream Planet International School. He is from Kyoto prefecture.

Biography and Personal Profile
His grandfather was Shozo MAKINO, the father of Japanese film. His father was Masahiro MAKINO, film director. His mother was Yukiko TODOROKI, former member of Takarazuka Kagekidan (Takarazuka Revue Company), movie actress. His younger paternal half-sister is Sayoko MAKINO. His daughter is Anna MAKINO (former member of Super Monkeys).

He is without doubt a relative of Hiroyuki NAGATO and his younger brother Masahiko TSUGAWA though they don't tell that from their own lips.

He left Honshu (the main island of Japan) and founded Okinawa Actors School Co., Ltd. in Okinawa. In the early days of the school, he sent his daughter Anna, Yoshie HAYASAKA, Chami SATONAKA (older sister of ISSA, a member of "DA PUMP") as teenage stars into Honshu. Thanks to the performance of Super Monkeys, SPEED, Rina CHINEN, he entered the limelight as the manager of a production for the training of entertainers.

He was also famous for quickly discovering the talent of Namie AMURO who made her debut later as the lead vocal of Super Monkeys. He eagerly tried to recruit AMURO, who was at that time a elementary school student coming to visit the school at the invitation of her friend and he admitted her into the school as a scholarship student that was an unusual treatment, saying 'no need to pay her tuition fee' to her confused mother.