Hotta Masazane (堀田正賓)

Masazane HOTTA (1716 - November 18, 1758) was the fourth lord of Katada Domain in Omi Province. He was the fourth head of a branch of the Hotta family in Sakura Domain.

He was the second son of Yasutoshi WAKIZAKA who was the fourth son of Yasuteru WAKISAKA, the lord of Tatsuno Domain in Harima Province. His mother was a member of the Ihara clan. His lawful wife was a daughter of Tadaakira OKUDAIRA MATSUDAIRA. His concubines included a member of the Hashimoto clan. His children included Masatomi HOTTA (first son), a daughter (lawful wife of Michikata HONJO), a daughter (lawful wife of Masatsura HOTTA and later second wife of Nobuyuki TSUDA), and a daughter (the lawful wife of Yorine SAEGUSA). His ranks were Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Wakasa no kuni no kami (governor of Wakasa Province). He had another name Masazane.

His childhood name was Iwanosuke. Because the late lord of the domain Masanaga HOTTA died young in 1735, he was adopted and succeeded the domain. He became Oban gashira (captains of the great guards). On November 18, 1758, he died at age 43, and his first son Masatomi succeeded. His hogo (a Buddhist name) was Tempomotonaka Kakukaiin.