Mikami Masazane (三上政実)

Masazane MIKAMI (三上 政実, year of birth and death unknown) was a person in the middle of the Muromachi period, who belonged to the Mikami clan that owned shoryo (territory) in Iwai no sho, Kono County, Inaba Province. His government post was Hyogo no kami (Head of Hyogo).

The description about Masazane can be found in "Mandokoro Fumei Hikitsuke" dated September 10, 1480. According to the historical material, Masazane's great-grandfather was Omi Nyudo (lay-monk) Shutsu, and there is a strong possibility that Hyogo no kami Tsunezane was Masazane's child or grandchild, considering the name and the government post. At least it is thought that there was a very close blood relationship between Masazane and Tsunezane. By the way, at Masazane's generation, there was a dispute over "Sanjobo-ryo Higashi-no-Toin Premises" against Kennin-ji Temple, and on December of the same year (1480), he argued against them about the property and claimed, "We have been ruling the property for generations since my great-grandfather Omi Nyudo's generation, but in my infancy, a person who is my aunt stole the papers and sold them to Kennin-ji Temple."

In addition to this, it has been verified that on November 6, 1482, when Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA visited Ise-jingu Shrine to pray, Masazane accompanied him, and that on October 7, 1487, when Yoshihisa departed for the front in Omi Province to attack the Rokkaku clan, he also served in the war.

According to historical materials, the Mikami clan called themselves "Hyogo no kami" as a government post since Masazane's generation.