Matsudaira Matsuchiyo (松平松千代)

Matsuchiyo MATSUDAIRA (1594 - February 7, 1599) was a daimyo (feudal lord) in the Azuchi Momoyama period. He was the second lord of the Fukaya Domain. He was the seventh son of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA. His mother was Chaa no Tsubone, Ieyasu's concubine, and his older brother was Tadateru MATSUDAIRA (the same father and mother).

As Yasunao MATSUDAIRA, the head of Nagasawa Matsudaira clan and the lord of the Fukaya Domain, died without an heir in 1593, Matsuchiyo, soon after birth, succeeded the Nagasawa Matsudaira clan and became the lord of the Fukaya Domain in the following year. On February 6, 1599, however, Matsuchiyo passed away at the age of six.
His posthumous Buddhist name is 'Eishoinden.'
The family and the domain was succeeded by Tadateru MATSUDAIRA, his older brother (the same father and mother).

Incidentally, the above-mentioned date of birth and death is given by "Tokugawa Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) Genealogy," whereas "Record of Bakufu's Blessing Heirs "reads that Matsuchiyo was born in 1592 and passed away on March 29, 1594.