Nijo Michihira (二条道平)

Michihira NIJO (1287 - March 7, 1335) was a court noble from the end of Kamakura period to the beginning of the Northern and Southern Courts period. He attained the position of Kanpaku (Chief Advisor of the Emperor) and Sadaijin (Minister of the Left). His father was Kanemoto NIJO. His mother was the daughter of Tameaki MIKOHIDARI. His children include Yoshimoto NIJO (Kanpaku of the Northern Court) and Moromoto NIJO (Kanpaku of the Southern Court; some historical sources suggest Moromoto was his younger brother). He took the name of Gokomyoshoin.

He became a member of the court nobles in 1295. For two years (from 1316) he served as a Kanpaku of the Emperor Hanazono, and for three years (from 1327) for the Emperor Godaigo. It appears that he took part in the planning to overthrow the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) by the Emperor Godaigo. In 1332, The Kamakura bakufu handed him into the custody of his father, Kanemoto. The next year, 1333, the Emperor counterattacked from the Oki Islands, and nominated Michihira for Sadaijin and Toshi Choja (the Fujiwara clan chieftain). In 1334, he became a Nairan (Private Inspection Powers).

The younger sister of Michihira NIJO was supposed to enter into the Kokyu (inner palace). She was, however, kidnapped by KO no Moronao, and later on gave birth to the son, Musashigoro Moronatsu.