Rokkaku Mitsutaka (六角満高)

Mitsutaka ROKKAKU (1365 - 1416) was a samurai (warrior) who lived in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the family head of the Rokkaku clan in Omi Province (direct line of descent of the Sasaki clan). He was a son of Ujiyori ROKKAKU (there is another view that Yoshitaka was a son of Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA). He was the father of Mitsutsuna ROKKAKU.

His legitimate wife was a daughter of Motouji ASHIKAGA. After the death of his father, Ujiyori, Takanori KYOGOKU inherited the position of the family head as Ujiyori's adopted child in place of young Mitsutaka, but Takanori was ousted in 1377 and Mitsutaka inherited the position of the family head. He was trusted by Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA and made his son, Mitsutsuna marry a daughter of Yoshimitsu. After Yoshimitsu's death, when Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA became the shogun, the relationship between the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) and the Rokkaku clan worsened and as he did not obey an order to take the field in Hida Province, he was dismissed from the position of Shugo (provincial constable) temporarily, but returned to his original position.