Yamana Mitsuyuki (山名満幸)

Mitusyuki YAMANA (birth date unknown -March 31, 1395) was a Japanese military commander during the Muromachi Period. He was the fourth son to Moroyashi YAMANA. His official title was Harimano kami (the governor of Harima Province), danjo-shohitsu (Associate Deputy Minister of Justice). His wife was a daughter of his uncle Ujikiyo YAMANA.

His Father Moroyoshi was soryo (heir) of Yamada clan but after his death the soryo title was transferred to his uncle Tokiyoshi YAMANA that gave him dissatisfaction. Due to the illness of his elder brother Yoshiyuki YAMANA, he became the head of Moroyoshi's family line and became a provincial constable for Tango Province and Izaumo Province.

In 1390, under the order of Seii Taishogun (commander-in-chief of the expeditionary force against the barbarians) Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, he and his father-in-law Ujikiyo YAMANA defeated Tokiyoshi's sons Tokiteru YAMANA and Ujiyuki YAMANA. For that accomplishment, Hoki Province and Oki Province were given to them.

In1391, he was expelled from Kyoto by enraged Yoshimitsu after usurping Yokota manor in Sendto ryo for Daijo Tnno (retired Emperor) in a sub province under control in Izumo Province. Indignant Mitsuyuki persuaded Ujikiyo in Izumi Province under control to join him in plotting a rebellion together. He raised an army in Tanba Province and attacked Kyoto with Ujiie, however he was defeated and escaped to Sanin Region (Meitoku War).

He became a monk and escaped to Kyoshu-Tsukushi but was captured and executed in Kyoto in 1395.