Matsudaira Mochiaki (松平茂昭)

Mochiaki MATSUDAIRA (September 17, 1836 – July 25, 1890) was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) and a nobleman. He was the 7th lord of the Itoigawa Domain in Echigo Province (the 9th head of a branch family of Echizen Matsudaira family) and the 17th lord of the Fukui Domain, and after the Meiji Restoration, he became governor of the Fukui Domain. Marquis.


He was the fourth son of Naoharu MATSUDAIRA, the lord of the Itoigawa Domain. His legal wife was Kayohime, the daughter of Narihiro Hachisuka (adopted daughter of Shinako TAKATSUKASA), and his second wives were Yukiko, the daughter of Takemichi KOGA, and the daughter of Taneyasu HIROHASHI. His children were Yasutaka MATSUDAIRA (second son), Nagayori MATSUDAIRA (third son), Harumitsu TAKEYA (fourth son), Mochitoki FUJINAMI, a daughter (legal wife of Naonobu Nabeshima), a daughter (legal wife of Yasumichi KATO), and a daughter (legal wife of Yasumochi TODA).

On April 1, 1852, he had an audience with Shogun Ieyoshi TOKUGAWA. On February 1, 1853, he had a coming of age celebration. On May 4, 1857, he took over as the head of the Matsudaira family in the Itoigawa Domain after Naoharu, his natural father, went into retirement (Around that time, he used the name Naokiyo). On December 16 of the same year, he was appointed Jugoinoke (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Hyuga no kami (governor of Hyuga Province).

On July 5, 1858, he took over as the head of the Matsudaira family of the Fukui Domain. This was because, after Ansei no Taigoku (a purge by the Shognate in an effort to suppress extremists) carried out by Tairo (chief minister) Naosuke II, Yoshinaga MATSUDAIRA was forced to abdicate the headship of the family and was suspended from the office. On November 21 of the same year, Mochiaki was promoted to Juyon'I-kami Sachujo (Junior Fourth Rank, upper grade and middle Commander of the Left) and Echizen no kami (governor of Echizen Province). In addition, he changed his name from Naokiyo to Mochiaki because he was bestowed one of Kanji in Iemochi's name.

Although he became the lord of the domain, he had almost no real power and was put in a position of being a puppet head of the family because in the domain, there were so many Karo (senior retainers) and federal retainers of the domain who were reformists, including the retired Yoshinaga, Hachiro MITSUOKA, Yukie NAKANE and Shonan YOKOI. During the Choshu Conquest in 1865, he became lieutenant governor under Yoshikatsu TOKUGAWA, the governor-general (the lord of the Owari Domain).

In June 1869, he became governor of the Fukui Domain following Hanseki-hokan (return of the land and people from the feudal lords to the emperor). In April 1871, he was dismissed from his post following Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures). In July 1884, he was created a count. In January 1888, he was created a count.

In July 1890, he was created a count.