Kyogoku Mochikiyo (京極持清)

Mochikiyo KYOGOKU (1407 - Septwmber 8, 1470) was a Shugo Daimyo (Territorial Lord as Military Commissioner) of the Kyogoku clan during the mid to late Muromachi period.

He was born in 1407 to Takamitsu KYOGOKU, a Shugo Daimyo.

In 1413, Mochikiyo's father, Takamitsu KYOGOKU, died and his older brother, Mochitaka KYOGOKU, became the head of the Kyogoku family. However, he died in 1439, without leaving any children. It is written in the "Satsukaiki (薩戎記)"records that Mochikiyo's uncle, Takakazu KYOGOKU, became heir to the family estate, and in the "Seisanfushi" notes it is written that Mochikiyo became the heir. Takakazu was killed at Mitsusuke AKAMATSU's residence by his retainers during the Kakitsu no Ran (Rebellion of Kakitsu) in June 1441, along with Yoshinori ASHIKAGA, Seii Taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians").

The Muromachi Bakufu dispatched a unit to Harima Province to find and kill Mitsusuke, while Mochikiyo served as a guard in Kyoto. In August, he fought to quell the Tokusei Ikki (riot) of Kakitsu at Kiyomizu-zaka Slope. Thereafter, Mitsusuke was pursued, and the Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) issued a Tokuseirei (order to return land that had been sold and the dissolution of debts), which quelled the riot. In December, Mochikiyo took over as Shugo (Military Commissioner) in Izumo, Oki, and Hida Provinces.

In 1446, a dispute about the heir arose within the Rokkaku clan, one of the major families of the Sasaki clan, and Mochikiyo helped Hisayori ROKKAKU and subdued the dispute by the order of the Bakufu. Later Hisayori committed suicide in connection with a feud with the Kyogoku clan, and Kamejumaru, his heir, succeeded as head of the family.

In 1449, he was appointed Samuraidokoro no tuskasa (a samurai post), where he remained until 1466. During this time, he became a priest and in a Hanae (traditional flower arrangement party) that was given 2 years later, the flower arrangement by Senkei IKENOBO was well-received.

In 1467, when the Onin no Ran (Rebellion of Onin) broke out, Mochikiyo joined the East forces led by Katsumoto HOSOKAWA along with Takatada TAGA to lead some 10,000 soldiers in battle against the West forces at Shioya, Keikain, in the capital city, and at Ichijo-omiya. In the following year, he fought against Takayori ROKKAKU, who had joined the West forces at Omi Province, taking Kannon-ji Castle. In the following year, he was appointed Omi Shugo (Military Commissioner of Omi Province), which had been a position held by the Rokkaku clan for generations. While the fight against the Rokkaku clan continued, he died at the age of 64 in 1470.

He was awarded the rank of Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade) and appointed Daizen no daibu (Master of the Office of the Palace Table) while he was alive. Since his first son Katsuhide KYOGOKU had long since passed away, the family estate passed to Katsuhide's son and Mochikiyo's grandson, Dojimaru, who died only one year later. Thereafter the family estate was fought over by his third son Masatsune KYOGOKU and Takayuki KYOGOKU, who may have been Mochikiyo's 4th son or Katsuhide's son. Later, the family estate passed to Masatsune; however, the Izumo Province was usurped by Shugodai (Deputy Military Governor) Tsunehisa AMAGO, who was beginning to show his brilliance. With this another internal conflict had erupted.