Ashina Moriakira (蘆名盛詮)

Moriakira ASHINA was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the mid Muromachi Period. The twelfth family head of the Ashina clan.

He became the family head, taking over the family estate when his father Morinobu died in 1451. However, some vassals were dissatisfied with Moriakira's succession, which caused outbreak of insurgency inside the Ashina clan. Moriakira suppressed this with the support of Naotomo YUKI (the Shirakawa clan). From 1459, he fought with Mochimune DATE and Naotomo, but the feud was never settled. Furthermore, in the following year, in the middle of such a fight, the Shogun Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA ordered to search and kill Kogakubo (descendants of one of the Ashikaga families that held the office of the Kanto district administrator), Shigeuji ASHIKAGA, but Moriakira ended up not following this due to the circumstances. He died in 1466, and his son Moritaka ASHINA succeeded him.