Kagawa Motoharu (香川元春)

Motoharu KAGAWA was a busho (Japanese military commander) of Sanuki Province (Kagawa Prefecture) who lived from the late Muromachi period to sometime in the Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was the head of chief retainers of the Kagawa clan which was the Shugodai (the deputy provincial military governor) of Sanuki Province. His official court rank was Yamashiro no kuni no kami (the governor of Yamashiro Province. He was the castellan of Takaya-jo Castle in Sanuki Province.

He was one of the Kagawa clan's 在京家 who had a common name of 'Goro.'
He served the Kagawa clan's head family who had a common name of 'Gorojiro.'
When Yukikage KAGAWA surrendered to Motochika CHOSOKABE, Motoharu went to Oko-jo Castle by twos in turn in cooperation with Yukikage's chief retainers Shichirobe KAWATA, Yataro KAWATA and Yoshihisa SANNO. Motoharu always joined the battles in which the Kagawa clan was involved, such as the Battle of Zentsuji, the Battle of Kanakura and Sanshu Heitei-sen (the battle to suppress Sanuki Province) of the Chosokabe clan, and played a lively part as a diplomat when Yukikage KAGAWA secretly communicated with Nobunaga ODA.