Kawabata Motohide (河鰭基秀)

Motohide KAWABATA (1606 – March 8, 1664) was a court noble of the early Edo period. His father was Konoefu (inner palace guard) Motohisa JIMYOIN. Motomasa JIMYOIN and Yorinao TOMINOKOJI (an adopted son of Hidenao TOMINOKOJI) were Motohide's brothers; the wife of Motosada JIMYOIN was his sister. Among his children, Sanetsura KAWABATA is known.

The Kawabata family had died out once since Kimitora KAWABATA (Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN) had left the family and inherited the Nishinotoin family; then Motohide came in and restored the Kawabata family. In 1628, he became Ukone no Gon no chujo (provisional middle captain of the right division of inner palace guards). On February 18, 1638 (in old lunar calendar), he was raised to Jusanmi (junior third rank). Later he was raised to Shosanmi Hisangi (post not involved in the council at senior third rank), however, on December 9, 1663 (in old lunar calendar), he became a priest, and on March 8 of the very next year, he died. The age at death was fifty-nine.