Yakushiji Motokazu (薬師寺元一)

Motokazu YAKUSHIJI was a busho (Japanese military commander) at the end of Muromachi period (the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) (Japan)). He was the senior vassal of the Hosokawa clan.

There were theories that stated that he was a biological son, adopted son, or a nephew of Motonaga YAKUSHIJI, but details are unknown. He achieved the military exploits of rescuing Yoshihide HATAKEYAMA of Kawachi Province and defeating Hisanobu HATAKEYAMA under the orders of Masamoto in 1500. After Motonaga passed away in 1501, he succeed the family head position Settsu to no kuni shugodai (provincial governor of Settsu Province) and served Masamoto HOSOKAWA. He successfully negotiated to invite Sumimoto HOSOKAWA from the Hosokawa family of Awa Province in 1503 under the order of Masamoto.

However, he planned a conspiracy with Tomotsune AKAZAWA to assassinate Masamoto and promote Sumimoto and mobilized the army at Settsu in October 1504. However, he was defeated, arrested after his residing Yodo-jo Castle fell under the siege of his younger brother Nagatada and others, and he was transferred to Kyoto before being ordered to commit suicide by Masamoto. Died at the age of 28.

The family estate and the position of the shugodai was taken over by his younger brother, Nagatada.

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