Matsuda Motomichi (松田元陸)

Motomichi MATSUDA (year of birth unknown - July 17, 1531) was a busho (a Japanese military commander). He was a son of Motofuji (Motokatsu) MATSUDA. Motomori MATSUDA was his son. In many cases, he is called Mototaka, but the restored family tree shows that his name is Motomichi.


After his grandfather, Motonari MATSUDA died in a battle, the Matsuda clan had a deep confrontation with the Akamatsu clan and the Uragami clan. In 1519, Motomichi allied secretly with Muramune URAGAMI who conflicted with Yoshimura AKAMATSU and was besieged in Mii-jo Castle. He was always on Muramune side at the confrontation between Muramune and Yoshimura, and helped Muramune to take control over the Akamatsu family.

This strengthened Motomichi's power as well, and he was appointed to Kyoto shoshidai (the Kyoto deputy) by Shogun Yoshiharu ASHIKAGA, in 1522. He later served as betto (administrator) of the Myokaku-ji Temple of the Nichiren Sect.

In 1531, he joined Daimotsu kuzure (the Battle of Daimotsu) under the order from the Shogun Yoshiharu ASHIKAGA, and died in the battle along with Muramune and Takakuni HOSOKAWA due to Harumasa AKAMATSU's treachery.