Mibu Motoosa (壬生基修)

Motoosa MIBU (April 4, 1835 to- March 5, 1906) was a Kugyo (court noble) at the end of the Edo period through the Meiji period. He was the third son of Shigemoto NIWATA as well as an adopted child of Michisachi MIBU.

In some cases, the kanji characters of his name are read as 'Motonaga' but this is not correct. The correct reading is ''Motoosa'.

He was one of seven noblemen escaped from Kyoto in the incident called shichikyo ochi. In 1863, he was maneuvered out of the capital by the party of advocating Kobu-Gattai which unites the court and the shogunate, and went down to Choshu. After that, he was further transferred to Dazaifu (Government Headquarters in Kyushu) but he returned to the capital after the Restoration of Imperial Rule (of Japan). He consecutively served as a staff officer of the government-general of Echigo-guchi at the time of Aizu War, the Governor of Echigo Prefecture, the Governor of Tokyo Prefecture, Genroin gikan (councilor of Chamber of Elders or Senate), a member of Kizokuin (the House of Peers) and so on. In 1895, he became the first Guji (a chief priest of a Shinto shrine) of Heian-jingu Shrine.