Anegakoji Mototsuna (姉小路基綱)

Mototsuna ANEGAKOJI (1441 - June 5, 1504) was a warring lord and governor of Hida Province.

He was the son of Masaie ANEGAKOJI. After the Hida War, he entered Furukawa-jo Castle and took over Furukawa Anegakoji. At that time, the Anegakoji family was divided into three and they virtually had three family heads including Masakoto KOJIMA from the Kojima family and Yukitsuna from the Mukojima family, but Mototsuna from the Furukawa family took the title of governor of Hida Province. He was not much gifted as a warring lord, but he wrote many waka (Japanese poems) and participated in the waka salon in the Imperial court. For this reason, he was known in Kyoto and he became the founder of today's Hida Literature along with his legitimate son, Naritsugu ANEGAKOJI. He became Sakone no chujo, and became Shosanmi Sangi (Senior Third Rank, Councillor) in 1480, but in 1504 he defeated Yoshimoto KISO and Junii Gon Chunagon (Junior Second Rank, provisional vice-councilor of state), but soon he died.