Ishiguro Munemaro (石黒宗麿)

Munemaro ISHIGURO (April 14, 1893 - June 3, 1968) was a ceramic artist from Kuguminato, Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture. He was awarded the rank of Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank).

In 1918, he was fascinated with Yohen Tenmoku, ceramics from Sung, China, and aimed to be a ceramic artist.

In 1935, he built his own kiln in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City and created a lot of works.

On February 15, 1955, he was designated a Living National Treasure (the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property 'Tetsugusuri - iron glazed Ceramics').

Although he became famous after the war, he continued making ceramics, selling little of his work; he said: 'There is a rumor that I am acting like a 'Living National Treasure,' but it is just that I am very busy creating and thus have little time.'