Matsudaira Munetada (松平宗允)

Munetada MATSUDAIRA was the fourth lord of the Miyazu Domain, Tango Province. He was the seventh generation of the Honjo Matsudaira family.

On July 31, 1780 (or June 13, 1782, according to other sources), he was born in Edo as the second son of Suketsugu MATSUDAIRA, the third lord of the Domain. He was appointed to the heir since his eldest brother Tsukemune MATSUDAIRA was disinherited due to poor health. On December 27, 1795, when his father retired, he succeeded his father as the head of the family and became the fourth lord of the Domain.

On September 25, 1808, he was retired by ceding the family head position to his younger brother and adopted child Muneakira MATSUDAIRA. On July 8, 1816, he died in Edo. He was 37 years old.