Nakahara no Suetoki (中原季時)

NAKAHARA no Suetoki (date of birth unknown - May 19, 1236) was a busho (Japanese military commander), who lived from the end of the Heian Period to the early Kamakura Period. He was the son of NAKAHARA no Chikayoshi (Fujiwara no Chikayoshi).

He served MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and was in charge of negotiating peaceful relations between the Imperial Court and the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). In October 1205, he was appointed to Kyoto shugo (Military governor of Kyoto), and since then he actively pursued his duties such as suppressing the Sanmon sodo (incident). He entered into priesthood in 1221 and called himself Gyoa. When Jokyu War broke out in the same year, he held a fort in Kamakura as rusuiyaku (a person representing the master during his absence). He died on April 6, 1236.