Nakatomi no Katsumi (中臣勝海)

NAKATOMI no Katsumi (date of birth unknown - April 587) was a local ruling clan of the Asuka period. His family name was Muraji. He is said to have been a son of NAKATOMI no Kamako. His official rank was Maetsukimi (Legislature).

In March 585, he and MONONOBE no Moriya reported to the Emperor that the spreading of an epidemic should be attributed to the Soga clan's believing in Buddhism. When the ailing Emperor ordered his servants to discuss his becoming a devout believer in Buddhism in April 587, Moriya and Katsumi opposed it. He and Moriya took up arms at his residence and cursed Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oenomiko and Takeda no Miko (the Imperial Prince Takeda) by creating dolls that mimic them but ended up yielding at Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oenomiko after learning that their rebel plot had failed. He was killed by TOMI no Ichii as he was leaving the Imperial Palace gates when he went to see the Prince.