Nuribe no Tomose (漆部友背)

NURIBE no Tomose is a person who lived during Japan's Asuka period, although his birth and death dates are not known. In the old Japanese kana syllabary, his name reads "NURIBE no Tomose," the same as in the modern kana syllabary. NURIBE no Tomose did not have a "kabane" name, a symbol which describes his family's relationship with the central government. During the Jinshin War of 672, Nuribe took side of Oama no Miko (Prince Oama, who later became Emperor Tenmu), and accompanied Prince Otsu in his escape from the capital.

Nuribe is a trade group whose duty is lacquering, and the group was controlled by Nuribe miyatsuko. NURIBE no Tomose is believed to be from the group. When the Jinshin War broke out, Tomose was believed to be in Otsu where Omi no miya was located. When Oama no Miko (Prince Oama) decided to raise an army, his two sons, Takechi no Miko (Prince Takechi) and Prince Otsu, left Otsu where their enemy had a headquarters, and followed their father, each taking a different route. Of the two parties, Prince Otsu arrived at the Suzuka-no-seki Checkpoint in the Ise Province around midnight on the 25th, and joined the other party by the Too-gawa River in Asake-no-kori. Tomose was a member of the Prince Otsu party. Other members who arrived in Asake-no-kori with Prince Otsu were OKIDA no Esaka, NANIWA no Mitsuna, KOMADA no Oshihito, YAMAHE no Yasumaro, OHARITA no Ite, HATSUKASHIBE no Shiki, OKIDA no Wakaomi, and NE no Kanemi. There are no records about achievements of NURIBE no Tomose in the civil war afterwards.