Shindo Nagafusa (進藤長房)

Nagafusa SHINDO (1642 - August 31, 1718) was aozamurai (young samurai of lower rank) from the early to middle of the Edo period. He served as Shodaibu (aristocracy lower than Kugyo) in the Konoe family. His official court rank was Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), Chikugo no kuni no Kami (a chief of provincial governors in Chikugo). He mostly served the Konoe family for two generations, Hisatugu KONOE (the nineteenth head of the Konoe family) and Motohiro KONOE (the twentieth head of the Konoe family).

He was a son of Nagasada SHINDO. His mother was a daughter of Yoshikatsu OISHI (a great grandfather of Yoshio OISHI). He did not have any children, therefore, he adopted Nagayuki SHINDO, a son of the family member, Nagamasa SHINDO (a vassal of Shucho Hosshinno [Cloistered Imperial Prince Shucho] in Rinojinomiya) and made him succeed to the Shindo family. He died in 1718. He died at the age of 77.

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