Nagai Naokiyo (永井直清)

Naokiyo NAGAI was a daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) in the Edo period. He was the lord of Nagaoka Domain in Yamashiro Province. He was the first lord of Takatsuki Domain in Settsu Province.

He was born in May 1591 in Sagami Province as the second son of Naokatsu NAGAI. He served as okosho (a page) and goshoinban (shogun's body guard) for Hidetada TOKUGAWA, participated in the Osaka no Jin (the siege of Osaka) in 1614 and was given chigyo (enfeoffment) of 530 koku (1 koku is about 180 liter of rice) in the same year.

He was appointed to Hyuga no kami (the governor of Hyuga Province) on December 29, 1632. After receiving several increases in the stipend, he was given 20,000 koku and became the lord of Nagaoka Domain in Yamashiro Province on May 3, 1633. He was given additional 16,000 koku on August 11, 1649 and became a daimyo with 36,000 koku. At that time, he was transferred from Nagaoka to the Takatsuki Domain in Settsu Province. Since he was as capable as his older brother Naomasa and ruled the territory around Kyoto, he was trusted by bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) and engaged in the construction of the Imperial Palace and Osaka-jo Castle as the deputy Kyotoshoshidai (Governor-General of Kyoto) and the deputy Osakajodai (the keeper of Osaka-jo Castle). In his own territory, he worked on the maintenance and expansion of the castle town, increased the actual harvest by 6,000 koku through the flood prevention work and so on, established the basis of domain duties.

Since he disinherited his oldest son Naoyoshi in 1635, Naoyoshi's oldest son Naotoki NAGAI succeeded to Naokiyo when he died on February 19, 1671. His age at the death was 81. Graveyard: Seinyu-ji Temple Hiden-in in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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