Kumagai Naoyoshi (熊谷直好)

Naoyoshi KUMAGAI (March 21, 1782-September 1, 1862) was Kajin (a Waka poet) in the late Edo period. His original name was Nobutaka. Also known as his commonly used names, Yasoya and Sukezaemon. His pseudonyms (pen names) were Tyoushuntei, Keishutei, and Momoya. A feudal retainer of Iwakuni Domain in Suo Province. Although he claimed that he was the 24th generation descendant of Naozane KUMAGAI, it is uncertain.

When he was 19 years old, he went to the capital (Kyoto) to study under Kageki KAGAWA, and was referred to as the top of 1000 disciples. In 1825, he left the domain for the problem of the Kagawa family's fuchi (stipend). He lived in Kyoto, and then moved to Osaka.

His poetry anthologies include "Ura no Shiogai" (seashells in the creek).

Incidentally, the Kagawa family in which Kageki KAGAWA was born branched off from the family of Karo (a chief retainer) of Iwakuni Domain.