Hino Nariko (日野業子)

Nariko HINO (1351 - August 14, 1405) was a woman who lived in the Muromachi period. She was the principal wife of Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, the third Shogun of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). Her father was Tokimitsu HINO. Sukeyasu HINO was one of her brothers. Her official court rank was Juichii (Junior First Rank). She was also awarded the imperial title "Jugo" (a title next highest to empress).

Nariko HINO married Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA in 1375 through the intermediation of her aunt, Nobuko HINO, who had influence over the Imperial Palace. She moved her home to the Flower Palace built by Yoshimitsu to live with him. Nariko is believed to have been adored by Yoshimitsu for her skills in writing Japanese poems (waka) and was awarded the title of Juichii Jugo. Nariko and Yoshimitsu had no child who grew up. She died in 1405 at the age of 55. Her posthumous Buddhist name was Joshinin.

The Hino family, which was a court noble family affiliated with the Jimyoin group, increased its influence among the political circles in the imperial court and the shogunate government through the marriage of Nariko and Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu subsequently married Yasuko HINO, who was her niece, and Yasuko succeeded to the position of his principal wife.