Nichigyo (日行)

Nichigyo (date of his birth is unknown - September 14, 1369) was the fifth hoshu (high priest) in the Taiseki-ji Temple. The date of his birth is unknown. He came from Oshu (the northern part of Japan).

Brief Personal History
In 1321, Nikko copied the principal image and gave it to Nichigyobo.

In 1339, the sixth anniversary of Nikko and Nichimoku.

On July 30, 1339, being conferred the sacred law of Buddha by the fourth Nichido, he assumed the position of hossu as the fifth high priest of the Taiseki-ji Temple.

In 1340, he founded the Daimyo-ji Temple in Kyoto.

In March 1342, he went up to Kyoto to preach Buddhism to the Emperor, and presented moshijo (a document format for communicating something from a lower person to an upper person) to the samurai.

In 1345, the twelfth anniversary of Nikko and Nichhimoku.

In 1360, he established Hokke-do (Rengyo-ji Temple) in Kanei, Shimotsuke Province.

In March 16, 1365, he conferred the sacred law of Buddha to the sixth Nichiji.

In 1365, he copied the principal image and gave it to Sukehachiro Masaaki in Ichihasama, Rikuzen (陸前一迫助八郎正明).

In August 10, 1369, he gave calligraphy to Nichiji.

In September 14, 1369, he passed away (died).

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