Nichiyu (a monk) (日祐 (僧侶))

Nichiyu (year of birth unknown-December 5, 1606) was a monk of Hokke sect from the Azuchi-Momoyama Period through the early Edo period. His azana (adult male's nickname) was Keitaku. His pen name was Tsuoin.

His place of birth is unknown. He first learned at Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei and in 1574, and established a school in Matsugasaki in Rakuhoku. Later he became a disciple of Nissho of Kyozo-in and learned Hokke sect. He accompanied his master to Shimosa Province, engaged in teaching in Iizuka danrin (school of Buddhism) and Iidaka danrin (school of Buddhism), and then returned to Kyoto.

In 1590, when Nichigo of Konishi, Kazusa Province (present Shirasato-machi, Oami, Chiba Prefecture) founded Konishi danrin (school of Buddhism) in Shobo-ji Temple, Nichiyu was invited to become a founder of the danrin. The next year, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who became the lord of there by taking over from the Chiba clan, granted 30 koku Shuinjo(shogunate license to trade) of jiryo (temple estate) to him. Afterward, he taught for 17 years and disciples gathered from various places.
And his danrin came to be known as one of the 'three major danrin in Kanto.'

In 1602, he gave Konishi danrin to Nissho of Iidaka danrin and returned to Kyoto at the request of Ryuhon-ji Temple in Kyoto. He assumed the position of the 15th chief abbot of Ryuhon-ji Temple and endeavored to restore the decaying temple.