Nakanishi Noboru (中西昇)

Noboru NAKANISHI (date of his birth and death is unknown) was a corporal in the Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate). He later became a Goryo-eji (guards of Imperial mausoleums). While many books wrote he had come from Joshu Province, "Eimeiroku" (a list of the Shinsengumi members) compiled by Kai SHIMADA wrote he had come from the Kawagoe Domain. Noboru NAKANISHI, whose birth date is unknown, was a disciple of Seiichi ITO and Kashitaro ITO (or Daizo SUZUKI) of the Hokushin Itto school (a classical sword tradition). He attained proficiency in swordsmanship that allowed him to become an acting master.

Persuaded by Isami KONDO and Heisuke TODO, he went to the capital (Kyoto) in 1864. He joined the Shinsengumi along with Ito and others. In the 2nd organizational restructuring of Shinsengumi, he belonged to the fourth unit of Shinsengumi headed by Hajime SAITO, and assumed the post of corporal.

Appointed to a Goryo eji (guards of Imperial mausoleums) in March, 1867, he seceded from the Shinsengumi. He moved to Gesshin-in sub-temple of Kodai-ji Temple.

Different story
There are a lot of mysteries in Nakanishi.

Juro ABE, a comrade of Nakanishi, recollected the Shinsengumi later and told that Taro SAHARA who had called himself Shinpachiro SHINOZAKI at that time was killed by Nakanishi. Another comrade Yasunoshin SHINOHARA, however, left a note that Jiro TAGUCHI of the Kurume Shingekitai (corps consisted of masterless samurai in the Kurume Domain) murdered Sahara.