Ikuta Nobu (生田信)

Nobu IKUTA (1885 - 1950) was a chainman in the end of Meiji period.

Brief Personal History

He was from Senzu, Shizuoka Prefecture (present Kawane-honcho, Shizuoka prefecture). Since he was strong in mountain climbing, he joined, as an assistant, the surveying project of Mt. Tsurugidake (the head of the group: Yoshitaro SHIBAZAKI), which was carried out in 1907. He was in charge of recording the observation results.

After reaching the summit, he went back home and got married. After he experienced a peddler, he founded a household utensils store in 1928. He engaged until he died in 1950.


He is described in the book 'Mt. Tsurugidake Ten no Ki' written by Jiro ASADA, as a man who had hurried Shibazaki and Chojiro UJI (a mountain guide) due to folly of youthful passion, but learned necessity of modesty when facing hardship and came to recognize and respect the partners each other.