Matsudaira Nobuhide (松平信豪)

Nobuhide MATSUDAIRA was the sixth lord of the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province. The eleventh family head of the Katahara-Matsudaira family in the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province. A nephew of Naosuke II.

On March 27, 1813 (heresy 1814), Nobuhide was born as the seventh son of Nobuyuki MATSUDAIRA, the fifth lord.

In 1816, he succeeded to the position of family head at the time of his father's death to become the sixth lord. In January 1828, conferred to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), the Governor of Kii Province. He endeavored to educate his vassals and people of his domain, expand a Hanko (a domain school), etc. as his domain duties.

On March 9, 1843, he transferred the head of the family to his adopted son Nobuyoshi MATSUDAIRA to retire. Died on December 6 (heresy December 14), 1865. Died at the age of 53.