Matsudaira Nobumasa (松平信正)

Nobumasa MATSUDAIRA was the eighth (the last) lord of the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province. The thirteenth family head of the Katahara-Matsudaira family in the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province.

On June 16, 1852, Nobumasa was born as the seventh son of Nobuhide MATSUDAIRA, the sixth lord. Since his older brother Nobutoshi MATSUDAIRA, who had originally been expected to succeed to the position of family head, died in 1865, Nobumasa was adopted by Nobuyoshi MATSUDAIRA, and in 1866 he succeeded to the position, becoming the eighth lord.

He was one of the Sabaku-ha (supporters of the Shogun) at the end of Edo period, and then surrendered under the pressure from the new government in the Boshin Civil War in 1868 to participate in an expeditionary force to the east. In 1869, he became the governor of the Kameyama Domain as a result of the Hansekihokan (return of lands and people to the emperor), and changed the name Kameyama to Kameoka. In 1871, as a result of the Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures), he was discharged from the governor of the domain.

Died on December 10, 1909. Died at the age of 58.