Matsudaira Nobumichi (松平信道)

Nobumichi MATSUDAIRA was the third lord of the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province. The eighth family head of the Katahara-Matsudaira family in the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province.

On February 15, 1762, Nobumichi was born as the first son of Nobunao MATSUDAIRA, the second lord. In January 1779, conferred to Jugoinoge Uneme no Kami (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade, the chief of the office for Uneme [a maid-in-waiting at the court]). In 1779, appointed the Governor of Wakasa Province. On July 18, 1781, he succeeded to the position of family head at the time of his father's retirement, and became the third lord of the domain. At this time, appointed the Governor of Kii Province.

He served as a police escort in Imperial Palace and a police escort in Kyoto by the order of the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and served as both of Sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) and an apprentice as Jisha-bugyo (a magistrate of temples and shrines) in May 1788. In July, officially became Jisha-bugyo. He took part in the shogunate government as the close aide of Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA in the Kansei Reforms. In 1789, he established the law 'Ryochu Keiritsu 89 jo' (89 articles of criminal law inside of the domain) as one of his domain duties.

Died on September 15, 1791. Died at the age of 30. His first son Nobutaka succeeded to his position.