Ikai Nobusada (猪飼昇貞)

Nobusada IKAI (year of birth and death unknown) was a Busho (Japanese military commander) from the Sengoku period (period of warring states) to the Azuchi-Momoyama period.
His common name was Jinsuke and his family name was sometimes 'IKAINO.'

His real name was known as 'Sadanao' and 'Masakatsu,' but the name confirmed by signature was 'Nobusada.'

His father was the Governor of Sado Province Norinao IKAINO according to 'The Family Tree of the Ikai Family' (Appeared in 'The Ikai Clan, a Local Powerful Family of Omi Katada' by Koji TAKASHIMA).

His children included Hidesada IKAI (who served Mitsuhide AKECHI, received Akechi family name, Hanzaemon Hidesada AKECHI and after that became a retainer of Nagahide NIWA and then served Ieyasu and received an annual stipend of 490 koku of rice in Totomi and Suruga Provinces.

Brief Personal History

He was Toryo (leader) of the Katada Suigun Navy of Shiga County.

He was originally a retainer of the Rokkaku clan.

Although he belonged to the Asai clan, he surrendered to Nobunaga ODA with Matajiro ISOME and Magojiro BABA of the same Katadashu after Siege of Shiga, a battle for advancing to the capital (Kyoto) by Nobunaga ODA finished in 1570.

Afterward, he conversely assumed a role of watching out for the Asai clan.

He defended Katada with Masahisa SAKAI and others dispatched by the Oda family to secure the logistic routes. When they were attacked by the Asakura army led by Kagemasa MAEBA, they fought back, but Masahisa SAKAI was killed in battle and Nobusada and others escaped.

Afterward, he came under the command of Mitsuhide AKECHI who was given Shiga County by Nobunaga. He was entrusted with full control of Shiga County and seemed to have such considerably independent powers as exercising general control over water transport and fishery of Lake Biwa. He also filled the post of Daikan (local governor) of the land directly controlled by Nobunaga in Takashima County with Mototsuna KUTSUKI and others.

He attacked the coastal bases of Asai side by setting fire and gun-shooting in August 1572.

He was never heard of again after猟場米請取状 of 伊崎立場 by 昇定下代 dated on May 24, 1582. Since he has not been referred to in any materials, he is presumed to have been killed in battle at the time of the Honnoji Incident taking part in the Mitsuhide side.