Matsudaira Nobutaka (松平信彰)

Nobutaka MATSUDAIRA was the fourth lord of the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province. The ninth family head of the Katahara-Matsudaira family in the Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province.

On December 9, 1782, Nobutaka was born in Tanba Kameyama as the first son of Nobumichi MATSUDAIRA, the third lord. In 1791, succeeded to the position of family head at the time of his father's death to become the fourth lord. In December 1796, conferred to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), the Governor of Kii Province.

Died on October 17 (also said October 14, and October 16), 1802. Died at the age of 21. Nobuyuki MATSUDAIRA, his adopted son, succeeded to his position.