Kutsuki Nobutsuna (朽木宣綱)

Nobutsuna KUTSUKI was the seventh lord of the Fukuchiyama Domain in Tanba Province. The eighth head of the Kutsuki family in the Fukuchiyama Domain.

Born on January 2, 1731 as the first son of Totsuna KUTSUKI, the fifth lord of the Domain. He was supposed to become the sixth lord of the Domain after his father Totsuna. However, Tsunasada KUTSUKI of the Kutsuki family was backed up to become the sixth lord by the vassals, and Nobutsuna was adopted by Tsunasada. When Tsunasada retired on September 20, 1780, he took over as head of the family and became the seventh lord of the Domain.

He actively worked on the reformation of domain duties to recover the administration of the Domain by writing "Gidokugo" (an essay by Nobutsuna KUTSUKI) and establishing the base for the foundation of domain school. However, he retired on April 10, 1787 after seven years of reign, and let his adopted son Masatsuna KUTSUKI to succeed and died on October 29, which was soon after his retirement; therefore, he could not accomplish much. He died at the age of 58.