Ichijo Norifusa (一条教房)

Norifusa ICHIJO (1423 - November 15, 1480) was a Kugyo (Court Noble) (Kanpaku: Chief advisor to the Emperor) and the proprietor of a manor during the late Muromachi Period. He was the first child born to Kaneyoshi ICHIJO. His mother was the daughter of NAKAMIKADO no Nobutoshi (Kobayashi ji dono). He was the father of Fusaie ICHIJO.

Norifusa celebrated his Coming of Age ceremony in 1437.
1457 - Sadaijin (Minister of the Left)
1458 - Kanpaku (Chief Advisor to the Emperor)
1463 - Resigned his position as Kanpaku. When Rebellion broke out at Onin, he escaped to Nara to his younger brother, Jinson, priest of the Daijoin-Kofuku-ji Temple. His father, Kaneyoshi, also came to Nara seeking shelter, so Norifusa gave up his shelter and moved to the Hatanosho District of Tosa Province where the Ichijo family land was located. He was welcomed by the people of Tosa, and after settling in and establishing himself, he invited his father to join him. After Kaneyoshi returned to Kyoto, Norifusa sent him wood from Tosa to use to build a residence. He died on November 15, 1480. He was 58 years old. He was also known as Myogeji Dono, and his posthumous Buddhist name was Soei.